Whippmix Big River


Nico now lives in Skåne !


1,5 year


8 weeks


7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks


4 weeks


3 weeks


Mixed fotos...

This guy is a real charmer, we´re sure that he will have a great life

living together with Per and Anders in Skåne.

When they first met "River" jumped straight up Pers lap, looking very satisfied :)

so it must be a perfect match!


8 w



7 w

Loves to play?? -absolutely! He seems to aspecially like Caprine and

Tonic (picture below) Does it have anything to do with their colours, you think?



Here he´s exploring our pond with great curiousity but still with

a good contakt towards us, just as it´s soposed to be.




6 w




This little boy is a mascot that loves to cuddle ;)



5 w


Here his trying to tell mom who´s the boss




4 w




3 w


          2 w               9 days                     1 day



Big River was born as number five in the litter





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