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Smilla moved to Gothenburg!


1,5 year


8 weeks


7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks


4 weeks


Mixed fotos...

This is the happiest girl in the litter, shes always wagging her tail and

seems to enjoy life no matter what.

Im very pleased to see her move to her new home beacuse

Im sure shes going to be loved dearly and have a further happy life together with her new family!


8 w



She loves to play and is curious about every new object that comes her way

7 w



pedal to the metal!





6 w





5 w



She is of couse very good at sleeping and cuddeling aswell :)




4 w


Mom is the best pillow ever ;)


3 w




            2 w                  9 days                     1 day



Smilla was born as number six in the litter







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