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Jackson moved to Jämtland!


1,5 year


12 weeks


10 weeks


8 weeks


7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks


4 weeks


3 weeks



Mixed fotos...

We are so very happy to see Jackson move to Eva at Kennel Zadiyads!

It is a perfect match beacuse both dog and owner are marvellous  ;)

He will learn all abut life through their whippet boy Santino and a wise poodle, I think.

We hope to see more of him in the future, good luck Jackson!

8 w

This handsome boy we think has great potential in the future!

Matcho would be a suthing name for this guy ;), he´s walking around teasing his siblings with a good selfconfidence, but just aswell he hands out loads of kisses to them.

He loves to curl up in your lap and just be the sweetest one!





Pretty cute, don´t you think ;)



7 w




On the nightwalks his tail is high and his focus even higher




6 w


He´s without a doubt a "mamasboy"







5 w


He has a special place in his heart for Tonic, our lurcher,

when they spend time together it´s play, play, play...



...to cuddle will just do fine.



4 w







          2 w               9 days                  1 day



Jackson was born as number four in the litter





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