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Asta moved to Tjörn!



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Mixed fotos...

Now this little sweetie has gotten a home of her own, we will miss her funny tricks here at home

but in her new family she will get her hands full making two young girls in the family proud and happy, we think it will be perfect!

8 w

 This little lady has a will of her own ;) even though she´s small she won´t let anybody

tell her what to do and she´s never late for some extra snuggle and attention from us in our family,

It´s easy to mealt around  miss "Next"... 




7 w


This look means it´s time to snuggle...


...and this is her favorite position, she also sleeps like this quite often,

can it be our Lurcher thats affecting her??



She´s very good at finding ways to escape the small garden...


When we´re outside at night she becomes really playful


The best thing ever is to cuddle up with mom



6 w





Our little "black tail" is gorgeous!





5 w



4 w



3 w



           2 w                 9 days                     1 day



Next In Line was born as number two in the litter



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