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Her pedigree can also be seen at TheWhippetArchives



Caprin was born february 21, 2011

"Johnny Cash litter"

She has

Lure coursing licens

and is  

Swedish Dogshow Champion


Swedish Bloodtracking Champion



2 years


1,5 year


1 year


6 months


12 weeks


10 weeks


8 weeks


7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks


4 weeks


3 weeks



This lady knows how to play...


..even though shes growing up she will always remain our Little pup,

so full of energi and playfulness




Caprin is a beautiful bitch with an awsome personality.

Shes responsive, gentle, and knows how she wants things to be done.

Her language is distinct and she`s always fun to be around




She loves the playing in water!




Caprin is the "firstborn" since I joined our kennel

an I remember saying "WOW" to my mom when she was born



Mixed puppyfotos...



In a way it feels like it wasnt only we who chose her,

it seems she chose us aswell.

W are very proud over our little spice Caprin!!


12 w


11 w




She "fits" in were ever we go :)



10 w

Moms cleaning her up from a dip in the pond...



This little lady is a handfull for mom


8 w






 7 w






6 w




5 w




4 w






              2 w             


9 days                   One day



Caprin was the first born in the litter




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