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Zally now lives in Skåne!



6 months


8 weeks


7 weeks


6 weeks


5 weeks


4 weeks


3 weeks


Mixed fotos...

This little cutie is a soft girl that knows she´s beautiful!

 She loves to lay on the podium in the bedroom and just glow :)

I belive she has a great future ahead...

Now in her new home she will be loved dearly! 


8 w





7 w

Sunbathing on her favorite spot outside





I can beat you both


The nightwalks are aspecialy exiting


6 w

cutiepie =)





It´s also nice to share the podium with brothers and sisters


5 w




4 w 





3 w


         2 w                    9 days                      1 day



There You Go was born as number three in the litter





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